About Our Company

Our mission is pretty simple:

We believe your outdoor space should be inviting, relaxing, and custom to your home and family.

We take pride in providing you with a wonderful experience during each step of your construction project. Utilizing a licensed architect and a professional team of builders โ€“ your vision will become a reality, building permits will be taken care of and a quality product produced. We stress the details from start to finish, so you donโ€™t have to.

Meet Dan

Precision Decks & Remodeling started over 18 years ago when Dan Bowen noticed the need for quality decks and other outdoor spaces in the greater Philadelphia and New Jersey areas.

With his background as a landscaping architect and construction framing, he quickly learned that he could help homeowners make their dream deck and other outdoor spaces come true.

Since the start, Dan and his company have continued serving their customers with professional style and communication, an expert eye for design, and top-quality construction.

From Start to Finish, We Make Elevating Your Life Simple...

Growing up in the Philly and South Jersey areas, we understand how construction projects often come with a level of uncertainty.

Permitting, fees, stamped drawings, working with the city - all these things can cause a lot of headaches.

That's why we take care of everything here at Precision Decks.

All the permitting, paperwork, working with the city, and stamped architectural drawings - we take care of it all!

Our professional team takes care of making sure everything is taken care of during the process, allowing you to relax and not worry.

And by working with our team, we make sure you receive the best customer service possible.

Whether it's working directly with the owner, Dan Bowen, getting an actual person when you call the office, or our crews going the extra mile for you, we install every project with an emphasis on quality work, professional interactions, and an emphasis on customer service that actually cares about you!